• You made me feel at ease straight away. I now feel much better and have more mobility in my shoulders. Thank you very much.

    Honora (60), Office worker, Bristol

Remedial Massage


In your first treatment Kate offers a free structural assessment and consultation to discuss why you have come for massage. This normally takes about 20-30 minutes, and allows Kate to tailor the treatment to exactly what you need.

If you are comfortable to, the standing structural assessment is best carried out with you in your underwear or shorts and top, to allow Kate to quickly assess structural alignment and areas of tension to be worked on. If you would prefer not to undress, please wear loose fitting clothing that can be easily rolled up to assess areas as needed.

Subsequent treatments are an hour in length, and the first 5-10 minutes will be used to discuss any changes to treatment strategy.

At all times you will be fully draped, and only the areas that are being worked upon will be uncovered. Your comfort and privacy are absolutely paramount. If you would like to receive massage fully clothed you might like to come wearing loose fitting clothing so that you are comfortable during the treatment.

After the massage treatment Kate might suggest stretches or simple strengthening exercises to help support the work done in the session.


Sports Massage

Sports massage for repair and recovery

Kate has trained in the use of sports specific techniques to help the body’s natural processes of relaxation, detoxification and repair. By stimulating the circulation in an area muscles are better able to eliminate metabolic waste, and tight areas are encouraged to relax. Deeper stretching and mobility can be encouraged through myofascial techniques, deep tissue massage and active stretching. Addressing postural patterns and problem areas can help to improve posture and performance on and off the field.

Massage can be a helpful addition to a training regime, whether you’re planning on running a marathon or just aiming to improve your overall fitness. Treatment can be targeted for problem areas of tightness, helping improve muscle length and function and increase overall flexibility and strength. This can help guard against injury or improve recovery time from injury or illness.


Holistic Massage

Kate aims to blend a remedial and holistic approach to give you a treatment that is both effective and relaxing. She blends traditional Swedish massage techniques with more dynamic bodywork techniques such as stretches, mobilisation, and passive movements. Kate incorporates these within the massage treatment as needed to give a less static and more three dimensional approach.

Often in everyday life we do not use the full range of movement possible to us. This can lead to stiffness, pain and ultimately a loss of movement and flexibility. By gently mobilising and stimulating joints we can remind the body and mind of the possibility for change, repair and mobility.

Massage and Bodywork can be profoundly relaxing and grounding, or can be used to re-invigorate tired muscles, depending on the intention of the treatment and needs of the client. Kate aims to provide a space for your whole being to relax, giving body, mind and emotions the space to unwind and release.

Pregnancy Massage

Massage and Bodywork allows a calm and peaceful healing space for the body and mind to address issues it often can’t when caught up in the everyday stress of living. It helps to put us back in touch with our bodies, which can be important when so much of modern life is spent in the busy activity of the mind. It can remind us of areas that we neglect or put too much strain upon, and provides a held space where the body and mind can regain its own sense of balance.

Massage helps to simulate the body’s production of oxytocin, the “happy hormone” so can be a useful tool in alleviating long and short term stress and generally supporting our mental and physical well-being.

Pregnancy can be a time of intense change and growth, and massage can be a helpful support to this special time in a woman’s life. Bringing peace and relaxation to body and mind may help an expectant mother feel more comfortable about the beautiful and surprising changes her body is undergoing, ease tension and aid sleep.

Massage can be tailored to your needs at the time and Kate aims to make you completely comfortable and enjoy a little bit of space that is all your own.

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